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Pet Preform Mould Parts

We emerged as a leading manufacturer of PET Preform Mould for preforms. Company has successfully designed and developed Preform Moulds parts in his in-house manufacturing facility. Well Customized hot runner system with spring loaded shut-off pin and pneumatic controlled high end imported Hot Runner System.

  • Standard interchangeable mould components.
  • Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle times and high efficiency levels.
  • Excellent concentricity between core and cavity for minimum wall thickness variation.

  • Roller cams that actuate both the opening and closing actions on the thread splits and are customized based on the particular preform design.
  • Stainless steel stacks eliminate moulding surface corrosion and reduce refurbishing and conversion costs.
  • High quality raw materials and proven mould designs ensure long mould life.

  • Comprehensive training provided to customerís technicians in mould and hot runner maintenance as well as PET processing.
  • Professionally competent company technicians for mould commissioning, and training at the customerís factory.
  • Standard wear parts are kept in stock for immediate shipment.

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